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NBA LeBron and his wife Savannah

We all know LeBron James’ talent on the court. In his 21-year career, the Lakers superstar has performed a multitude of insane actions. But when he is not on the floor, it seems that he is just as inclined to do crazy things, especially when it comes to satisfying his wife.

According to Forbes , LeBron James is the fourth richest athlete in the world. With overall annual income estimated at $119.5 million, the Lakers superstar is indeed among the highest paid athletes. In 21 years of career, his fortune is, to date, estimated at around 1 billion dollars. More than a basketball player, the King is a businessman shareholder in multiple companies.

But above all, he is a family man and a great romantic. He has already said several times that nothing is more precious to him than his loved ones. Former teammate of the four-time champion at the Heat, Michael Beasley then shared an anecdote about Bron in the Playmaker podcast . He recalled a time when LBJ wanted to please Savannah and shocked an entire restaurant when they were in New York.

LeBron’s incredible gesture for Savannah

I remember we were at a restaurant once in New York. It was an Italian restaurant, there was a painting or photo on the wall that someone famous had taken. It cost like $100,000. LeBron looked at him, he called his wife and said, “I want you to do a photoshoot like in the picture.” » He called the owner of the restaurant over, and he told the guy he wanted to buy it

And then I was like: “But what are you going to do with this? » That has to be the most romantic thing I’ve seen from a player. He said: “I’m going to make my wife replicate this photo shoot. I’m going to keep this one in the closet and I’m going to hang my wife’s in the house.”

Altruistic on the field, LeBron James is obviously also very generous with his wife. With a fortune as great as his, he may do certain things crazy and break the bank with the sole objective of giving a gift to his partner. This is an attention which will obviously not have failed to provoke a reaction from some on social networks, who salute the quadruple MVP for this emotional gesture.

Guys, look at LeBron, he’s such a lovely person towards Savannah

LeBron James is a man of many functions and does not do half measures no matter the task. As proof, Michael Beasley recounted the time his former teammate called his wife to buy her a very expensive photo in order to please her.

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