“My Dad Hasn’t Met Any Other Women”: Marcus Jordan Relieves Larsa Pippen of Michael Jordan Stress

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When Marcus Jordan said that his father doesn’t hold any opinion on his love life, he meant it.

He couldn’t have chosen a better time to express it. The Real Housewives of Miami season finale was filmed around the time Michael Jordan apparently expressed his disapproval of their relationship publicly.

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He spent that episode conveying to Larsa and their critics that MJ is rather chill about all his relationships.

My dad has definitely been vocal and adamant about making sure that I’m happy, but my dad hasn’t met any other women that I dated,” Marcus said on the confessional. He further added, “I feel like my dad is going to be okay with whoever it is I end up with.

The producers asked if they ever hung out with Marcus’ father.

While Marcus didn’t outrightly say so, he did imply that Larsa is the only girlfriend he’s introduced to his father.

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This came when Marcus and Larsa were seen leaving MJ’s 61st birthday party together after rekindling their relationship. But that wasn’t the case a few months back.

It was the ‘No’ heard around the world in July 2023. Paparazzi harangued Michael Jordan while he was vacationing in Paris. After being asked if he approved of Marcus and Larsa dating, he yelled a clear, “No,” with no other context.

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The RHOM season finale seems to have been filmed around that time.

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Larsa and Marcus recorded the podcast episode of Separation Anxiety in Pippen’s dining room, where they discussed MJ’s disapproval.

Marcus said on the podcast that his father was joking and held the same opinion in the confessional. While he admitted why Larsa was “mortified” by the news, he said he was “dying laughing” and found it “hilarious.” That didn’t spare Larsa the trouble, though.

Larsa Pippen was not laughing

Larsa’s co-stars hounded her about Jordan’s disapproval, which she whined to Marcus about later. She emphasized that she didn’t want to talk about his parents at all but others didn’t seem to respect that.

At the height of her fallout with Guerdy Abraira, Larsa claimed Abraira ‘bit’ her. The latter countered that instead of talking about her, she should worry about Michael Jordan saying he doesn’t approve of her. The RHOM ladies reportedly questioned Larsa about His Airness at the reunion too, which seemingly added to their brief breakup.

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