“There’s No Doctor, No Nurse”: Bronny James’ Cardiac Arrest Scenes Horrifically Described in Revealed 911 Call Details

USA Today via Reuters

Rattling reality is hitting fans hard as Bronny James becomes NBA’s probable pick. In recent times, as part of a tragic tale, many in USC recounted the harrowing hour still haunting James family. After coaches and colleagues, now an emergency call is detailing the distressed moment in LeBron James’ life.

Unlike his superstar father, Bronny joined college where he was practising on a fateful day last summer. And what happened after that not only unsettled his family but also the basketball fandom. A new account is only making it an agonizing event.

Scary Aftermath of Bronny James’ Cardiac Arrest

A recent revelation of the 911 call during Bronny’s cardiac arrest goes to show just how serious it was.

Eric Mobley, the assistant head coach of the USC Trojans who handled the situation during the unfortunate day said, “Coach (Enfield) blew the whistle to get back on the baseline. I was standing up, and Bronny was right behind me, probably about two feet away. And I just heard this thump on the ground. Boom, I turned around, I’m lookin’ around, and I looked down, and he was on the ground.”

He further added, “I called (USC trainer Jon Yonamine), and JY was already on the floor before I even start calling him. And the whole staff, and how we all reacted and got everybody out the gym – it’s almost like, textbook.”

A 911 call went out to the Los Angeles Fire Department at 9:26 a.m., according to a recording obtained by TMZ. 

Caller: Listen. Listen. Listen to me. We need an ambulance here now.

Operator: Okay, let’s get next to him, please. Okay. How old is he? Get next to him with the phone, okay. Get next to him.

Caller: Next to him?

Operator: Get next to him, please. With the phone. Okay, I need to find out, is there a doctor on scene with him, or a registered nurse?

Caller: No. There’s no doctor, no nurse.

Operator: Okay, help is already on the way.

The scene looks and sounds almost out of a horror movie. Yet, Bronny James has survived that ordeal. Despite his struggles this season, its an overwhelmingly strong mindset that led the young man to overcome such a monumental challenge.

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