Traumatized Dennis Rodman’s Son Ran Out in Fear After Bronny James’ Sudden Cardiac Arrest

24th July, 2023, will be etched in the memory of everyone associated with the University of Southern California and the James family. On that fateful day, freshman guard and LeBron’s eldest son, Bronny, suffered a cardiac arrest during a practice session with his teammates. Bronny was immediately rushed to the Cedars-Sinai hospital, where he was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect.

Although the James family frequently shared updates regarding Bronny’s health and recovery, the events leading up to the incident remained unclear. However, DJ Rodman, Dennis Rodman’s son and Bronny’s USC teammate, disclosed the sequence of events that transpired on that fateful day.

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In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, DJ Rodman said, “I think it was just confusion. That’s all it was. Like, what just happened?” Rodman also revealed that he ran out of the guy as emotions got the better of him. He said, “I went through the same thing my freshman year (at Washington State) with Deion (James), my boy Deion, and then my boy Dishon (Jackson) last year. I had to run out. Because I couldn’t handle another one like that. And I know that these guys dealt with Vince last year. I can’t imagine that.”

This incident had the potential to bring Bronny’s burgeoning basketball career to a grinding halt, with many fearing that he may never play basketball again. However, in a statement, the James family provided a promising update regarding Bronny’s health. The statement read, “We are very confident in Bronny’s full recovery and return to basketball in the very near future.”

Indeed, Bronny made a swift recovery, as he was cleared to play basketball on 30th November last year. Less than five months after suffering a cardiac arrest, Bronny made his long-awaited collegiate debut against Long Beach State on 10th December.

How’s Bronny fared for the Trojans?

Hype and anticipation surrounded Bronny as he began to prepare for the 2023-24 season ahead with the USC Trojans. However, fans had to wait for another five months, as Bronny recovered from a cardiac arrest. On his USC debut, Bronny recorded 4 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals and 1 block off the bench. However, he has struggled to adapt to collegiate basketball.

USA Today via Reuters

This season, Bronny has averaged 5.5 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.5 assists in 20 minutes of playing time. As a result of Bronny’s subpar performances, the Trojans have also struggled this season. They currently languish in the second last spot of the Pac-12 standings, with just 5 wins from 16 matches.

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