Mary Harvey JOINS Katt Williams In REVEALING Steve Harvey’s DIRTY Lies

Mary Harvey JOINS Katt Williams In REVEALING Steve Harvey’s DIRTY Lies!

In an unfolding drama that’s sending shockwaves through the entertainment industry, Katt Williams has unleashed a fiery salvo against none other than Steve Harvey!

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Steve Harvey knew Marjorie Harvey was the woman he was meant to marry.

The pair met in 1990 at a comedy club and briefly dated, however, the timing wasn’t right. Years later, Steve and Marjorie reconnected and tied the knot in 2007. With their union came the blending of their respective families, which includes a total of seven children.

Although the Family Feud host had previously been married twice, his relationship with Marjorie is unlike anything he’s ever experienced.

“Marjorie changed the way I existed,” he told PEOPLE in 2012. “I’d never been in a healthy adult relationship. I’d never been loyal, I’d never been fully respected.”

Marjorie agreed, telling PEOPLE, “We’re best friends. It’s the first time either of us has had someone we can talk to about everything.”

Over the course of their decades-long relationship, the couple have shared sweet moments on social media, become grandparents and, most importantly, had each other’s backs.

“That woman right there [has] been down with me like four flat tires,” Steve said during his acceptance speech at theGrio Awards in November 2023. “That woman has been faithful to me, loyal to me. 85% of what y’all up here [are] talking to me about happened after I married that girl right there.”

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