Could Angel Reese go to the WNBA? The LSU star guard’s 3rd draft conditions are really tough

LSU Tigers basketball star Angel ReeseLSU Tigers basketball star Angel Reese

LSU Tigers basketball star Angel Reese has lit up women’s college basketball. Alongside Iowa Hawkeyes star, Caitlin Clark, she’s projected to be one of the top WNBA draft picks when she declares.

So, can Reese go to the WNBA? Let’s find out:

Can Angel Reese go to the WNBA?

Angel Reese entered her senior year and is eligible for the 2024 WNBA draft, but she has one year of eligibility left due to the interrupted COVID-19 season awarded to prospects.

Controversial LSU coach Kim Mulkey spoke about Angel Reese being insulted by an ESPN projection that had her as the No. 8 pick before the season began.

“That was an insult to her. We talked about the thing she needs to work on. Whether she gets picked higher than that or not, it still motivates her,” Mulkey said.

“She gets motivated in practice with someone going head-to-head with her or talking trash back at her. She’s a competitor. I think she wants to be a good leader.”

In an interview with Glamour Magazine, Reese detailed her WNBA expectations for the future.

“This is my senior year, and I have the opportunity to declare for the WNBA this year if I choose to,” Reese said.

“Personally, I aspire to make it to the WNBA. While I do have the option for another year, I do want to get out of college, start life outside of school, and pursue my WNBA dreams. It’s been a challenging but rewarding four years, and I’m excited to continue improving at LSU and beyond.”

During an interview with Teen Vogue, Reese mentioned one reason she might be reluctant to jump to the WNBA immediately.

“WNBA players don’t get paid as much as they should,” Reese said. “Being able to grow this now, while I’m in college, and doing this now can help me when I get to the WNBA.”

Could LSU troubles push Angel Reese to the WNBA?

In mid-November, Angel Reese was benched for the second half of a game against Kent State. After she was absent from the LSU team, it prompted unsubstantiated speculation that she had been suspended.

She missed four of the Tigers games leading up to December while speculation raged that the reasons behind her absence were due to her poor grades to a supposed rift between her and her teammate, Flau’Jae Johnson.

Although Reece is back and performing better than ever, there was speculation that her troubles could push her toward the WNBA without the option of returning to Louisiana for her fifth year.

The NIL factor has made the question of student-athletes making the jump to the pros a murky one. The CBB fraternity will watch with great interest which decision Reese makes.

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