London audience momentarily lost consciousness when Ed Sheeran appeared to perform “Lego House” with Taylor Swift during the Eras tour | T

Watch : Taylor Swift Surprises London Crowd When Ed Sheeran Appears To Perform “Lego House” (+VIDEO)

Taylor Swift’s Red Tour: A Spectacular Surprise in London

Taylor Swift stands on stage in London and says, “One of my best friends is from here”. Taylor adds, “If I were to tell you, hypothetically… That Ed Sheeran is here tonight” – then she stops talking as you can hear the acoustic guitar from the British superstar begin echoing around the arena. Ed appears from the back of the stage and, alongside Taylor, they produce a beautiful harmonic version of Lego House.

Superstars Selling Out Arenas
In the world of high-profile music, selling out arena tickets rapidly has become a hallmark of superstar status. Among these celebrated artists, American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift stands out. Her ability to fill arenas in mere hours is a testament to her immense popularity, as evidenced during her Red tour.

An Unforgettable Collaboration
During the London stop of her Red tour, Swift’s fans experienced an exhilarating surprise. The British indie and pop sensation Ed Sheeran joined her on stage, much to the delight of the audience. Together, they performed a heartwarming rendition of Sheeran’s hit song, “Lego House”.

Building Anticipation and Euphoria
Prior to Sheeran’s appearance, Swift skillfully heightened the audience’s excitement with teasing questions about a possible surprise guest. The announcement of Sheeran’s entrance to perform “Lego House” electrified the atmosphere, creating an unforgettable moment for the fans in the London venue.

Experience the thrill and harmony of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran’s performance in the video below, showcasing their dynamic collaboration on stage.

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran: 10 years, one friendship


A very precious relationship between two of world music’s most prominent hit-makers in recent years.

Over the past decade, the friendship between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran has grown into one of the music industry’s strongest friendships, as the pop duo continuously collaborates, performs together, and often regularly support each other in many tasks.

Most recently, the two released a Remix for the song  Joker and the Queen on February 11. Therefore, many viewers have wondered, what are the most adorable moments of the two in 11 years? will synthesize

2012: “Everything Has Changed”

Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran Poster


Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran first collaborated in 2012 with Everything Has Changed  on the singer’s album Red . In the heart-melting music video, the two introduce miniature dog doppelgängers that tell the story of their budding friendship.

2013: Ed Sheeran plays a clown on Taylor Swift’s tour


Sheeran continued to join Taylor on her tour in support of her album Red , and the duo also regularly took to the stage to perform together. However, during her tour in Nashville, Sheeran surprised the singer by dressing up as a clown from We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together .

2013: Taylor supports Ed Sheeran in New York

Ed Sheeran and surprise guest Taylor Swift "Everything Has Changed" at MSG 11/1- HQ Poster


Swift returned the favor from Ed Sheeran with a small surprise when she joined Sheeran on tour and performed on stage with the male singer at Madison Square Garden wearing an “I” shirt (left heart) Ed”  is adorable to match Ed Sheeran’s own “I (heart) NY” t-shirt. The duo performed Everything Has Changed together  on acoustic guitar.

2014: Introducing “Sweeran”

taylor swift and ed sheeran 10 male sex - brother 1

Selfie photo posted by Taylor Swift.

Swift shared a sweet selfie with Sheeran, both holding cups – Ed sipping from a cup with the royal sigil and Taylor holding a cup printed with a cat. Taylor captioned the post, “Ed told me to caption this post ‘SWEERAN’”. That’s how  the name of their friendship was born.

2015: America’s Independence Day

taylor swift and ed sheeran 10 male sex - brother 2

The photo was posted by Taylor Swift on the occasion of America’s Independence Day in 2015.

Taylor Swift held a celebration and invited Ed Sheeran. This male singer wore a red coat inspired by the Revolutionary War, surprising many people. The female singer posted a photo taken with Ed Sheeran with the caption: “When Ed Sheeran appeared in a red jacket on Independence Day, it was simply impossible to let it pass by . “

Sheeran also shared that he started his relationship with his current wife Cherry Seaborn at this party. “Well, our anniversary is Taylor’s Fourth of July party,”   Sheeran told People in 2021.



2016: Cutest Grammy photo of all time

taylor swift and ed sheeran 10 male sex - brother 3Very lovely photo of this couple.

The best friends won Grammys together in 2016, with Taylor Swift’s  1989 winning Album of the Year and Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud picking up Song of the Year, as well as best pop solo performance. To celebrate, the two took the sweetest photo together, with Swift posing as a flower underneath Sheeran’s arrangement.

2017: End Game

Taylor Swift - End Game ft. Ed Sheeran, Future Poster


The duo collaborated again in 2017, when they worked together on the song End Game on Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, Reputation. This product  also features Future.

Sheeran referenced his wife Cherry and the Fourth of July party in his verse: “I made mistakes and made some choices that were hard to refuse / After the storm, something was born on the 4th of July.”

2019: Swift congratulates Sheeran on his 6th Album

taylor swift and ed sheeran 10 male sex - brother 4

The singer took to her Instagram Story to post a sweet photo of herself doing Sheeran’s makeup. “As you prepare to release this new album full of your own signatures and the most classic things of this time,” she wrote, “I don’t know how to express how proud I am. to be your friend and have the best release week!!” .

2022: Joker and the queen

Ed Sheeran - The Joker And The Queen (feat. Taylor Swift) [Official Video] Poster

After much speculation that Ed Sheeran’s close friend would appear in the remix of the song The Joker and the Queen on his latest album =,  the duo officially released the song on February 11. /2022. Taylor Swift takes on the second verse in the remix, replacing Sheeran’s original lyrics with a female perspective in a love song.

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