Surprising Reveal Taylor Swift’s “Strict” New Rules for Travis Kelce Include a $500K Allowance to “Improve Boyfriend’s Wardrobe,” Yet ‘Asking’ Travis Kelce to Stop This immediately worried Patrick Mahomes endlessly

REPORT: Taylor Swift’s “Strict” New Rules For Travis Kelce Include Strip Club Ban, $500K Allowance To “Improve His Wardrobe”


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – JANUARY 28: Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs (L) celebrates with Taylor Swift after defeating the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game at M&T Bank Stadium on January 28, 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
If you want to date Taylor Swift, there are some guidelines you are going to follow to make that happen.

Travis Kelce has been thrust into the spotlight after another Super Bowl win, especially since he did so alongside Swift. Six months into their relationship, Swift is reportedly comfortable enough to set some rules for her man.

Kelce is reportedly mostly on board with the new set of rules, but some are quite outlandish.

A source told Life & Style that Swift has asked Kelce to stay away from strip clubs, which is something Kelce has no problem doing.

Kelce was seen wearing a shirt from a famous Las Vegas strip club in November after playing against the Raiders.

However, Swift has also reportedly asked her man not to pose for pictures with any female fans, something he isn’t a huge fan of.

Not only that, he reportedly is expected to Facetime Swift and not text whenever they are apart. He also has to improve his wardrobe with a $500k allowance provided by Swift, according to DailyMail.

The NFL athlete was recently spotted at a club in Las Vegas as he is still celebrating his big Super Bowl LVIII win. As per Daily Mail, the Kansas City Chiefs player was surrounded by “scantily-clad women” and also interacted with “some of them” while partying with his friends.

An insider told Life & Style that the globally known musician “doesn’t want to control him”, she “just wants to help” to build a stable relationship.

“Taylor loves Travis and thinks these rules will help things with their romance, as well as his career, stay on the rails,” the media outlet further shared.

The couple is reportedly committed to strengthening their bond and willing to make necessary adjustments to ensure their relationship thrives.

Swift and Kelce “are committed to doing whatever it takes to make their relationship stronger,” claimed the source.

Patrick Mahomes Concerned as Taylor Swift’s New “Strict” Rules Prevent Travis Kelce from Attending Strip Club with Friends and Teammates

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is reportedly feeling increasingly concerned as Taylor Swift’s new “strict” rules have prevented his teammate and friend, Travis Kelce, from attending a strip club with friends and teammates.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce: The unstoppable duo taking over the NFL |  Marca

According to sources close to Mahomes, the star quarterback has expressed worries about Kelce’s restricted activities due to Swift’s new guidelines. The rules, which are said to be part of Swift’s effort to create a more private and controlled environment for her relationship with Kelce, have led to Kelce missing out on typical outings with friends.

“Patrick is feeling a bit worried about Travis. The new rules set by Taylor are quite strict, and it’s been affecting Travis’s social life, especially when it comes to going to strip clubs with friends and teammates,” a source revealed.

Swift, known for her desire to maintain privacy in her personal life, has reportedly implemented these rules to create boundaries for her relationship with Kelce. This includes limiting his outings and activities that may attract public attention or raise eyebrows.

“Taylor wants to create a more controlled and private environment for her relationship with Travis. She’s protective of their relationship and wants to avoid any unnecessary public scrutiny,” the source added.

Kelce, known for his outgoing personality and love for socializing, has had to adjust to these new guidelines, which have resulted in missed opportunities for social gatherings with friends and teammates.

Patrick Mahomes Says Celebrity Hasn't Changed Travis Kelce

“Travis understands Taylor’s concerns and respects her wishes, but it’s been a bit challenging for him to navigate these new rules,” the source continued. “He values his relationship with Taylor and wants to make it work, even if it means making some sacrifices.”

Mahomes, a close friend and teammate of Kelce, has been supportive of his friend’s relationship with Swift but has also expressed concerns about the impact of these restrictions on Kelce’s social life.

“Patrick wants the best for Travis and supports his relationship with Taylor, but he also sees how these new rules are affecting Travis. It’s a tricky situation,” the source shared.

As Kelce and Swift continue to navigate the challenges of maintaining a high-profile relationship, Mahomes hopes for a balance where Kelce can enjoy his social life while respecting Swift’s boundaries.


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