NBA – In the middle of the Wembanyama/Holmgren debate, the league decides again: “It should be…

Chet Holmgren and Victor Wembanyama

As the month of February ends, the NBA will soon reveal the rookie of the month in the West. And given recent indications from the league, Victor Wembanyama should still win the bet.

The regular season is slowly coming to an end, which means that journalists will be able to vote for the various individual trophies. A duel between Victor Wembanyama and Chet Holmgren is emerging for the rookie of the year, although the Frenchman has widened the gap thanks to his performances. For many, the debate no longer exists at all.

Wembanyama still ahead of Holmgren

It must be said that Wemby has largely dominated the matches since the start of 2024, while Chet has suffered quite a few poor performances. This is why the Frenchman should win the rookie of the month title in February after winning that of January. The NBA has just confirmed it half-heartedly this Wednesday with its new ranking.

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We remind you that it is the NBA which decides on this ranking and the rewards during the season, while the journalists will take over at the end. Knowing that Wembanyama finished in first position for the entire month of February, there is no doubt about his reward in a few days. Internet users are convinced of this.

Wemby should be unanimously ROTY

Wemby with a huge lead then Chet

Victor Wembanyama will win the rookie of the month title in February, ahead of Chet Holmgren. Well deserved for the Frenchman, who nevertheless dreams of the final reward after the season. There is no doubt that he remains the big favorite for journalists.

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