NBA – The Spurs’ controversial sequence that makes you scream: “They really hate Wemby”

Victor Wembanyama in the Spurs jersey

If Victor Wembanyama has enchanted fans since his debut, this is much less the case for Spurs in general. The Texans are regularly singled out, particularly in relation to their use of the tricolor prodigy, as against the Wolves.

He still lacks a bit of skill for an interior, but Victor Wembanyama has nonetheless become essential to Spurs. Best blocker in the league and while he is already averaging more than 20 points and 10 rebounds, the pivot is off to a crazy start. The problem is that his team is struggling to keep up.

Because the Texans continue to occupy last place in the Western Conference, having recently lost again against Minnesota. If the Frenchman was clumsy with a 38.5% shooting success rate, he was not helped by his team either, proof of this being that enormous snob Tre Jones as he rushed towards the circle:

Wembanyama badly snubbed against the Timberwolves

These guys really hate Wemby

ian Champagnie’s shot had gone in, there wouldn’t have been much to say about it. Except that this is not the case and this rather blatant oversight while the V was in a position to score near the circle only reignited the controversy while the San Antonio players are regularly singled out for this type of pitfalls. Some supporters can’t bear to witness scenes like this.

No, I’ll immediately ask for a trade if I’m Wemby

At this point I no longer have the words

Obviously, the Spurs are still far from having completely gotten used to the presence of Victor Wembanyama on the floor, to the point of sometimes snubbing him. Whether it is involuntary or not, the fact remains that it does not help to win matches while the Frenchman does everything possible to avoid defeats.

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