Stephen Jackson believes Victor Wembanyama would be the best player in the NBA right now had he gone to a stronger team- “He got a dog in him”

Victor Wembanyama có đang chơi ở NBA Summer League 2023 không?Barnes and Capitan Jack are impressed with how Victor Wembanyama carries himself.

Despite being burdened with extensively high expectations as a rookie, Victor Wembanyama has risen to the challenge in the 2023-24 season, leading the league in blocks and possessing the fourth-best defensive rating.

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The 7’4″ center’s performance has not only earned the respect of veterans he plays against but has also impressed Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, who commended his on-court prowess and his disciplined demeanor.

“The kid is nice. I mean this kid is special, his body and the way he’s built the flexibility. The way he locks in. He’s reading before bed. He don’t f**k with people. He ain’t no punk. I mean 20/10/3 this year, the last player to that – the Big Aristotle – Shaq in 2000,” Barnes said. “This is going to be the worst version of him. He’s going to continue to get better and stronger and more understanding of the game. Kevin Durant on record saying, ‘He’ll be the best player in the league one day.’ We’re watching a true unicorn in front of our eyes.”

Jackson on Wemby

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Building on their conversation, Barnes prompted ‘Stack Jack’ to detail the importance of Wemby being mentored by a seasoned coach such as Gregg Popovich.

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Additionally, the 2003 NBA Champion argued that had Wembanyama been drafted by a team with multiple stars, he would have already ascended to the league’s best player status.

“He got a dog in him,” Jackson said. “That’s the best thing that happened for him, was landing with Pop, ’cause Pop knows how to build players. He gonna teach him a lot of stuff as to be a man that’s growing up… I think he would be the best player in the league if he was on the team with two other stars right now. We will be calling him the best player in the league because his team will be probably at the top of East or West, and he will be having the same stats.

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Is Wembanyama ROY?

As we approach the final stretch of the 2023-24 season, even the race for the 2024 ROY has intensified. Amidst speculation about whether Wembanyama has matched Chet Holmgren’s impact, particularly given the OKC Thunder’s push for the top seed in the Western Conference, Lou Williams acknowledged his initial misjudgment.

The 3-time 6MOTY admitted how the San Antonio Spurs’ lackluster performance in the 2023-24 season cannot be held against Wemby from getting the recognition he deserves. Still, this is just his first season, and we should hope that Wemby is just scratching under the surface; there is much more he can show us.

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