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The young French NBA player from the San Antonio Spurs, Victor Wembanyama


Everything moves very quickly in the NBA and in order not to be overwhelmed by events, Adam Silver and his collaborators sometimes have to resort to drastic moves. The latest rumor has caused a lot of talk, including regarding the situation of Victor Wembanyama.

Wembanyama already setting a tone for his rookie NBA season with the Spurs  | KXAN Austin

Whether we like this development or not, it is undeniable that basketball played in the NBA in particular has changed a lot in recent years. The three-point shot has become a predominant weapon, interior players must now almost all know how to move away from the circle and the game has become much faster than in recent decades, which inevitably results in higher socring production .

Warriors take on Spurs top pick Victor Wembanyama in first preseason loss

The problem is that you have to find a happy medium and in recent months, the league seems to be struggling to achieve it. The defenses are more criticized than ever and the supporters point out that the work of the referees is far too much in favor of the offensive players. As a result, Adam Silver and others could give a big blow to the anthill:

Offensive play soon to be impacted by new rules in the NBA?

The NBA’s competition committee has officially begun examining whether the game has become too advantageous for the offense and whether certain changes need to be implemented to achieve better balance.

Summer League | Victor Wembanyama a brillé lors de son deuxième match avec  les Spurs - Eurosport
For now, the potential projects seem numerous. We think, for example, of the fouls called against attackers and which allow certain superstars to obtain an impressive number of free throws. 

Joel Embiid was also quickly targeted by fans on this subject… The three-second rule in defense was also mentioned, in particular concerning the case of a certain Victor Wembanyama.

Embiid is screwed 😹😹

Obviously, nothing tells us that the NBA will actually make some big changes in terms of regulations, especially since its product is increasingly followed around the world. The problem is that it is also increasingly criticized…

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