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French NBA players Victor Wembanyama (left) and Nicolas Batum (right)

Launched at full speed, Victor Wembanyama is taking the entire NBA by storm for his debut in the United States. Following the situation of the pivot closely, Nicolas Batum dared a rather crazy prediction about him, on free air with the First Team .

For many weeks, Chet Holmgren represented a real challenger for Victor Wembanyama. The Thunder pivot is also very convincing for his rookie season, but the Rookie of the Year should indeed go to his Spurs counterpart. No offense to the fans of the former who cite in particular his collective record with OKC, but the Frenchman is quite simply above the fray.

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With more than 20 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 blocks on average, it is difficult for the other members of the 2023 vintage to keep up with the V. Already the best blocker in the league, he is a hit so that his playing time remains limited and also shows quite impressive versatility for such a young big man. His masterclass against the Lakers is proof par excellence.

Nico Batum’s huge prediction about Victor Wembanyama

Untenable against LeBron James , Anthony Davis and others, Wemby simply dropped a 5×5. An extremely rare performance (only 22 times since the creation of the NBA) and which calls for others according to Nicolas Batum, who reacted to the craziness of his compatriot on free air with the First Team . The veteran of the French team indeed thinks that the nugget has not finished with this type of high-level performance

The Buildup of Victor Wembanyama - by Tyler Rucker

He will trivialize the stat, that’s for sure. We’ll talk about it again in ten years, it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s around twenty. It wouldn’t be surprising if he had around twenty, I’m very serious. He will trivialize the stat in the same way that (Russell) Westbrook limited the triple-double to the general public. I’m not saying it’s not crazy, it’s crazy.

But I’m talking about the general public, sometimes people will trivialize the triple-double, especially with what Westbrook did. I think that Victor, in the long term, will perhaps make five-by-five commonplace. That’s how imposing and strong he will be.

In a league where statistics are becoming more and more improbable, to the point of equaling craziness dating back to the 60s at times, what the Alien does remains exceptional. This shows how the Habs are practically unique in their kind and it bodes well for great things down the road, especially if San Antonio manages to surround them as they should in the seasons to come. We can only cross our fingers.

If Victor Wembanyama literally shocked the league by slamming a 5×5 against the Lakers, Nicolas Batum that this is only the first in a long series for the Spurs prodigy. No one apart from Hakeem Olajuwon (6) and Andreï Kirilenko (3) has achieved this on several occasions, but the two former players had better watch out.

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