NBA Potentially Getting Rid of Defensive Three Seconds Could Turn Victor Wembanyama Into A Cyborg


Maybe no basketball player to ever live has been blessed with as many advantages as San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama. At 7-foot-4 with an incredible wingspan, ridiculous mobility, and impressive coordination, he’s truly a basketball create-a-player come to life.

Victor Wembanyama là ai? Chi tiết về tài năng trăm năm có một của NBA

Rumors of potential rule changes to help defenses in the NBA are flying around, with scoring skyrocketing amid players being more and more skilled. And, one of them could make the ultra-talented big man have even more of an impact in the future.

The Frenchman just turned twenty in January, and he has already established himself as one of the more impactful players in the league.

In just 29 minutes a game, he’s averaging 20.6 points, 10.2 rebounds, 3.3 assists, and 3.3 blocks per game. That blocks number leads the league by 0.6 blocks, which is a pretty big gap.

Bản đánh giá tổng thể về Victor Wembanyama của NBA: Tiềm năng vô hạn của  thần đồng nước Pháp

But, unlike any other level of basketball, NBA rules currently have a defensive three seconds rule. That is, if a defensive player spends three seconds in the key without actively guarding an opposing player, it’s a free throw and possession for the offensive team. That forces towers like Victor Wembanyama to not camp out in the paint for long stretches.

But, the NBA could potentially get rid of defensive three seconds in the near future. An ESPN article recently had quotes from plenty of league stakeholders about the rules being too advantageous for the offense.

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What’s a rule change that could instantly sway things back in favor of the defense a little bit more? Getting rid of defensive three seconds. This would allow teams to clog up the lane a little better. Right now, players are more efficient than ever on shots at the rim.

That would change if there were seven-foot monsters in the paint a lot more. Some would say that it would cause a huge jump in three point attempts, which have already seen a huge increase. But, If teams could play tighter perimeter defense without having to worry about giving up uncontested drives as much, those threes could become more contested. It might actually start rewarding players who are proficient in the mid-range again, which has become a lost art.Victor Wembanyama Will Play For San Antonio Spurs, Winner, 57% OFF

Make no mistake, though. If Victor Wembanyama was allowed to camp out in the paint, it’s not hard to see him averaging five blocks a game. Plus, big men who can shoot from the perimeter and draw their defender out of the paint would be a huge asset, too. That’s Wembanyama, who has the makings of having a pretty good stroke from long range.

Will the NBA eliminate defensive three seconds? Who knows. But, if they do, it could be a huge boost for Victor Wembanyama.

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